My Health and Fitness Journey

In May of this year, I finally had the realization that I did not have a healthy outlook on fitness and health. I am currently overweight and eat crappy most of the time but the only alternative I’ve ever known to that is crash diets and cleanses and running on a treadmill until I want to pass out. Which only left me irritated, fatigued and angry. So I would quit and the cycle would start again.

I was successful once and it lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. I would barely eat and became extremely picky with food. I lost a lot of weight but to maintain that was virtually impossible. Eventually my appetite came back and I ate everything in sight. The binging began.

So in May I started researching (Googling) healthy weight loss which lead to my obsession with Bodybuilding. I loved reading the testimonials from people who were succesful in changing their lives and bodies through fitness. The 3 things that I took away from reading those were:

Have a plan but also allow yourself to make changes as you go along.
Staring with a meal and fitness plan will give the structure to minimize the possibility of falling back into old habits. It also allow you to rule out what worls for your body as you go along. You get to find out what workouts have a better effect on your goals and the same with diet.

Stay postive and use positive reinforcement.
Too many times people use guilt and negative thinking as motivation to workout and to make healthier eating choices. Throught your health journey you will have setbacks, maybe you’ll eat too much junkfood one day or not workout for a week due to being sick. Either way it’s important to give yourself a break and just get better into your routine without thinking you have to punish yourself by trying to run 5 miles the next day. Truly, the last thing you want to do is injury yourself. You want to be in this for the long haul like an athlete, you want to be able to sustain a level of energy to get through every workout so pace yourself and when you fall off the plan just get back on slowly.

Set small and realistic goals.
For some people looking at fitness models on Instagram is great motivation but for others all it does is create a frustration. Truthfully, even though you see those fitness models at their best fitness level they werent always their and it doesn’t happen over 3 months either; it shouldn’t be about the time it should be about the journey. Sometimes with goal setting you can psych yourself out by setting goals like “look like insert (celebrity/model)” or “Go from never working out and eating mostly junk food to in one week working out 5 days a week and eating nothing but vegetables and chicken breast”. It is hard to break habits just as it is hard to set new ones but putting so much pressure on yourself to make drastic changes can be overwhelming and again staying positive is so important. So instead set goals like:

  • Workout for one to two days a week
  • Wake up an extra 5 minutes earlier tomorrow
  • Lift a heavier weight after 4 workouts
  • Incorporate a new fruit and vegetable into my meals this week

It’s the small daily goals that will add up and show progress overtime. Take photos and you’ll be able to look back and see it but again be patient, positive, and make it all enjoyable. This will be a journey for me and maybe one for you as well. Even though i’m sick and recovering right now 😞i’m still taking it day by day. I’ll keep you all posted.







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