What lead me to web development

Growing up I never had an interest in a career in the tech industry. I didn’t think that it was possible for me to have one. Whenever I thought about someone who works in tech; they were a computer genius who started building computers at the age of 7 or something else obviously inspired by a teen sci-fi movie.

I learned about coding in my last year of high school. My friend had started using Code Academy to learn HTML and CSS to learn how to build a website. I didn’t have any idea what he was talking about so I had to check it out. I quickly joined and started the lessons and loved it. Unfortunately, with balancing school and other activities I didnt finish all of the lessons.

Fast forward to my 3rd year of college as a marketing major with a music minor.I started thinking about the future od the marketing industry and the direction it was heading in. That lead me to Digital Marketing which sparked my interest in analytics and Web Design. I started thinking about incorporating¬†data-driven strategies into marketing courses were very traditional based. I started to seek more information on my own and looking for courses outside of my school on analytics. I didn’t find any courses that I could take due to time and money constraints.

Code Academy came back to mind when I remembered that their courses were free and so I was estactic when they had a course on SQL. I started it and completed but wasn’t satisfied just there I wanted to complete the course I started in high school on building a website. So I went back to learning HTML & CSS. After spending months on that off and on due to trying to balance my school work and those courses but it became hard.

I had to realize that I wasn’t happy with marketing. I had to be honest with myself that I chose it as a major because it was a safe choice and at the time. I didn’t know what to do, I had just left high school realizing that I didn’t want to go into the law field and felt like I had to choose something. I love programming; it challenged me and intrigued. I wanted to spend my time learning more about it. Doing those lessons on Code Academy wasn’t enough. I wanted to learn more. After that semester I decided to apply to NYIT for their IT program and for the first time since I’d started college I pursuing something I was passionate about.


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